Hot melt glue are one part, solvent and water free formulations that are thermoplastic, 100% solid, and are all adhesive at room temperature. However, at elevated temperatures, the usual operating temperature being in the range of 150 to 200° C, they become a low viscosity fluid with excellent adhesive properties. Subsequent to the removal of heat, they set by simple cooling. They achieve a solid state and resultant strength by cooling, as contrasted with other adhesives, which achieve the same results through evaporation or removal of the solvents. We Have a wide range of products for Book Binding :-  Paperbacks  Catalogs  Hardcover books  Magazines  Directories  Calendars

Improve your end product and streamline your processes with our market proven portfolio of bookbinding adhesives that focuses on enhancing your quality, increasing efficiency and reducing costs. Our portfolio includes EVA adhesive for the spine and side gluing of all varieties of hard and soft cover books and magazines, water-based adhesives for casing and pressure sensitive adhesives for direct mail applications
Our graphic arts and bookbinding adhesives are for:
  • Hardcover books
  • Softcover books
  • Softcover catalogs
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