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Our Fully Automatic Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine is specifically designed to cut board, plastics, aluminum, PVC Film, wood veneers, asbestos board, emery cloth, rubber and leather as well as other sheet material that is to be cut with precision and speed. Our OT OM Brand Hydraulic Paper Cutting Machine is very useful in cutting as it is having high performance.

  • Long functional life
  • High operational fluency
  • Smooth operations

Reliable Performance, at Affordable Cost Machine In Nepal

  • With electromagnetic clutch and brake, infra red sensing system for safety device which are angular type photo cells safety device, dab/pressure/clamping with hydraulic system which has 500 to 4500 kgs clamping pressure more than the actual required
  • Regarding programme the storage capacity of programme is 99 programmes and one programme capacity is 99 cuts
  • Each programme total memory 1500 cuts which is unique from other machines
  • Accuracy of programme is 0.01mm or .001 inch,
  • Hydraulic Tank which is Polar Type enclosed in the right pedestal to protect leakage of oil
  • Latest Hydraulic power pack unit i.e. double hydraulic pressure cylinder low pressure to check cutting line and high pressure to make cut, worm gear driven, cutting width will be 1150mm and feed depth is 1150mm.
  • Our machine also has auto and manual clamp pressure setting, Cutting Line Indicator means lighting provided on cutting edge
  • Back gauge movement by high precision, recirculation ball screw for smooth movement with linear guide way
  • Air Cushion table for easy and friction free movement of Heavy Bulk Paper Stock
  • Knife is easily Changeable& adjustable by single operator, extended side tables for stock
  • Stainless Steel sheets on the front table to protect the front table from rust
  • Two Imported Collided Tungsten Steel make Paper Cutting Knives
  • Automatic Lubrication Pump System to all the revolving parts
  • Cuts per minute will be 45, Clamp opening will be 140 mm, Minimum Cut without false Clamp will be 25mm(1”),
  • Blade Thickness is 12.7mm and power requires is 7.5 H.P and all the standard accessories etc .
  • Size: 33",37”,45",52",62"
Technical Specifications:
Size of Machine IMCO-83 cm IMCO-92 cm IMCO-115 cm IMCO-132 cm
Cutting width 83 cm 92cm 115cm 132cm
Pile Height 120 mm 120 mm 130 mm 140 mm
Minimum Cut 20 mm 22 mm 25 mm 30 mm
Speed r.p.m. 42 cycles 42 cycles 40 cycles 38 cycles
Clamping Pressure 100/3700 kgs 100/3700 kgs 200/3700 kgs 200/4000 kgs
Power Required 5 H.P 7 H.P. 7 H.P. 9.5 H.P.
Machine L x W x H 75”x85”x58” 80”x90”x60” 90”x102”x62” 99”x110”68”
Weight Approx 1.8 TON 2.25 TON 3.15 TON 3.6

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