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Web Application Rollers

Product Detail

 following grades to meet your requirements.
1. WebEx: for Conventional & Hybrid Ink applications
2. Web Line: for Conventional Ink

 Web/Newspaper Industry

  • Webnxt: for High speed single &double width press
  • Webex: for Presses up to 45,000 IPH
  • Webline: for conventional inks

Webnxt: for High speed single & double width press


  • Extended life
  • Minimal shrinkage
  • Less energy consumption
  • Higher resilience

Our Product Benifits

Webex: for Presses up to 45,000 IPH


  • Resistant to oils, acrylates, abrasion and glazing
  • Better ink storage and transferability
  • Resistant to swelling due to polar solvent

Webline: for conventional inks


  • Good tensile strength
  • Resistance to increase in hardness
  • Resistance to shrinkage and swelling

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