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Our product array comprises of premium quality Printing Rubber Roller. These rubber rollers are manufactured in compliance with industrial quality standards by using the best raw materials. These are manufactured using premium quality rubber and are available to clients at highly reasonable market prices. The printing rubber roller provided by us is available to clients in multiple specifications of shape, size and color.

 Features:        1. Durable        2. Easy to use        3. Damage-resistant

Roller Diagrams


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General Info

The rubber compounds on rollers are specialized for specific conditions such as the speed at which they will be running (higher speeds generate more heat) and the types of chemicals they will be exposed to. 

Talking of a rubber roller, the most important thing is to know the printing machine in and out; how the roller works and it application fields.


When we are required to supply only one or some of the rollers of a printing unit we must identify them by the type (inking, dampening or rilsan offset table) and also by the measures (total diameter with rubber, total length of the rubber and total length of the metallic axle).

Roller Care

Rollers should be cleaned thoroughly with a roller wash especially at the end of every day’s work. This will prolong the life of the roller and minimize the hardening effect.
Clean the rollers frequently before the ink starts to dry. Accumulation of dried ink film will cause Glazing.
Rollers should never be left for long periods in contact because" flats" can form on the soft rollers. Moreover if wash-up has not been completely clean the rollers can stick at contact points with the risk of pieces being top of the surface of the roller when the machine is turned.

Cost Saving

For even a small increase in the stripe, the pressure on roller increases by several hundred percent. Rollers under high pressure require more power to move, and thus the electricity required to run the press is significantly higher. It can go up by 25%.
Too much pressure can cause ink dams and uneven ink distribution thus increasing ink consumptions and it can go up by 20%. Similarly, fountain solution consumption can go up by 15%.


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