Feature : 

  • Heavy Duty Construction
  • Easy to operate and user friendly
  • Low Friction slide ways ensuring long life
  • Automatic Knife Grinder/ Re-sharpening machine
  • Clamp System
  • Electromagnetic Chuck (Optional)
  • Suitable for Face/Core Veneer Making Machines Knife Re-Grinding

Knife Grinding Machine

Any Wood Chipper or Biomass shredder is fitted with hard knifes which gets blunt and should be re-sharpened at regular intervals. Knife grinder does the job effectively in less time with less effort and can be operated with semi-skilled labor. The process is 5-6 times faster than manually operated grinding. The automatic loading system, for grinding depth, descends the grinding head with pre-set depth avoiding manual feeding preventing damage to grinding wheels. The grinding angle is adjustable upto 90. The grinding head is equipped with a 5 HP capacity motor for effective grinding and the grinding media is easily replaceable. The machine has coolant circulation pump and auto return traverse motor. Automatic Knife Grinder machines does not require any foundation. The maximum size of knife that can be ground is 1500 mm in length x 200 mm width x 30 mm in length. Machine is supplied along with motors, starters and control panel.

Technical Specification : 

Specifications SS-3000 SS – 1500
Maximum Grinding Length 3000mm 1500 mm
Grinding Carriage Speed 15 meter/min 10 – 15 meter/min
Chuck Turning Angle 90-0-90 90-0-90
Maximum Work-piece Height 150mm 120 mm
Grinding Wheel Speed 1440 rpm 1440 rpm
Grinding Wheel Motor 7.5 hp 5 hp
Total Power Required 8.5 hp 6 hp