Visiting Card Cutter

Our experts as supplier & Wholeseller put forth advanced Visiting Card Cutter, which are made of high grade steel, iron & plastic and hence remain durable for a longer time. These Visiting Card Cutter are basically designed to cut wood and used in wood industries and signage industries as well. With these machines, we can cut material exactly in the shape demanded by the clients.


When running business cards. the card length is varied using the programmable cutter.The cut points are entered on a keypad which allows a scissor cut or a variable size gutter to be removed between individual cards if required. A fixed 6mm strip is removed by the slitting wheels. The card width is quickly and easily adjusted by moving the slitting wheels mechanically or extra cassettes can be purchased to set up regular jobs.

Product Description

Cut, slit, score or perforate in one pass---Most easy way for print shop to produce all kind of cards. Such as businese card. ticket and greeting card or invitation cards.

The Zip-A3 cutter/slitter is the A3 version of the popular Zip-10 machine. Both are unique machines designed to handle business cards and other multiple-up products produced on a variety of printing methods.

The Zip-A3 cross cuts the sheet with a guillotine cutter as it advances through the machine.

It then uses an adjustable blade cassette to slit and / or score the sheet immediately before it exits to the delivery tray. This combination of in-one adjustable slitting / scoring with programmable guilotining allows common products ( like 21 or 24 up business cards ) to be accurately processed in a single pass.

  Max. Paper Size 12.6" x 20" ( 320mm x 510mm )
  Min. Paper Size 6" x 6" ( 150mm x 150mm )
  Cut Thickness > 300gsm.
  Max. Cutting Length > 9" ( 228mm )
  Cutting Speed 350 sheets per hours ( card size )
  Max. Feed Capacity 1.5" paper pile
  Feeding Method friction, bottom feed.
  Machine Measurement 26" x 20" 13" H
  Net Weight 128 lb ( 58kgs )
  Power 110 or 220Vac, 50/60 Hz