Automatic lamination is having heavy duty structure.
High end drive controlled motor system for precise under lap control.
Hardened and profile ground gear and fully timing gear pulley used for high end accuracy lamination.
Multi advantage of aqueous lamination with variable design paper knurling 
Duplex unwind shaft and perforating mechanism
Rewind station with heavy duty mechanical brake for take up of aqueous and low gsm substrate 
Stainless Steel adhesive tank (Approx) 7 kgs. 

File Master MULTIMax - Semi

Electricity :Three Phase 
Power:Motor 3.3 K.W., 440 V A.C., 3 Phase
Machine Size: H – 1400 mm W – 1300 mm L – 4700 mm
Machine Size with wooden Box:H - 1400 mm W – 1400 mm L – 4800 mm 


Multi Lamination possible with cold cum thermal lamination with online knurling. (Thermal and knurling is optional) 
High speed performance
Water based, Single sheet to reel lamination and with modern knurling.
Films- Matt, Gloss or Materialized BOPP
Two laminating rollers, hard stainless steel rollers and silicon rubber rollers are mechanically controlled at the nip.
The roll of film is mounted on quick change shaft with film tension controlled by a mechanical brake
Laminated sheets are perfectly rewinded with separate drive on especially devised rollers, resulting in no wrinkles, ability to rewind large diameter rolls as per feeding stack and easily transferable to sheet separator
Entire process of manual feeding, laminating and rewinding as per increasing speed levels are synchronized and ensures nonstop laminating cum knurling 
Modular designed machines which can be run with paper knurling or without paper knurling.
The rewinded laminated sheets on rollers are directly fed on lamination busters