ELECTRO MEC Six Clamp Perfect Binder -
Blended to Produce Top Quality Machine with Productivity, Flexibility & Reliability
Milling cutter with notching tool for exposing maximum fiber, efficient waste exhaust, glue penetration through the reverse spinning drum and built-in side gluing mechanism ensures excellent results.

Product Details:

Max Binding Thickness 20-30 mm, 40-50 mm, <20 mm, 30-40 mm
Machine Type Glue Binding Machine
Max Binding Sheet Width 200-300 mm, <100 mm, 100-200 mm
Working Speed (products/hour) 2500
Weight (kg) 2700
Model Number Diamond Series
Condition New
Automation Grade Automatic
Color Grey
Brand Electro Mec
Features :

Feeder part: Feeder to achieve automatic delivery for wrap paper and cardboard, precision to suck one sheet per time, keep them no deviation during delivery.

Gluer part: Hot-melting glue system to automatic heating, circulation, mix the glue and precision to control the viscosity of glue, can also automatic wash-up gluing tank after finish glue work.

Quad stayer: Quad stayer to automatic folding cardboard and 4 sticking its four corners by hot melt glue tape, then deliver it to the designated place of conveying belt.

Spotter part: The hydraulic-pneumatic spotter device combines with precision photoelectric detecting switch in order to correct and place it on the right position of the sticker cardboard box on the glued wrapping paper.

Press part: the square press tooling can compact each conveying box that comes under its range, make the contact surface between wrap paper and cardboard box more neat and smooth, and remove air bubbles.

Box forming parts: It can continuously feed with folded box, which in turn wrap and fold the turn in boxes in single operation for fine finish.

Control panel:The convenient control panel equiped with sensitive touch screen-HMI system can freely transform between English and Chinese, make each operate turn to easy.

PLC Part: This machine adopts the advanced PLC, it can precision control and realize the details operation of automatic rigid box production process.

Forming and folding mechanism adopts mechanical and electrical pneumatic to solve the whole folding ear, middle folding ear.

Forming and folding mechanism adopt mechanical and pneumatic together to achieve full fold into the high-end 60mm.