ELECTRO MEC Single Clamp Perfect Binder -
Blended to Produce Top Quality Machine with Productivity, Flexibility & Reliability
Milling cutter with notching tool for exposing maximum fiber, efficient waste exhaust, glue penetration through the reverse spinning drum and built-in side gluing mechanism ensures excellent results.

Product Details:

Max Binding Thickness 20-30 mm
Machine Type Perfect Binding Machine
Max Binding Sheet Width 200-300 mm, 300-400 mm, <100 mm, 100-200 mm, >500 mm, 400-500 mm
Automation Grade Automatic
Is It Padded Non-Padded
Max Binding Book Width 400-500 mm, <100 mm, 300-400 mm, 100-200 mm, 200-300 mm, >500 mm
  • Book clamp easily adjustable with handle and applies uniform pressure on each book
  • Spine preparation consists of a combination of notching tool and dust cutters
  • Hot melt roller application system equipped with a roller and scraper mechanism the glue film thickness is controlled by adjustable doctor blades
  • Nipping station presses the spine and sides of the book with motorized forward and reverses mechanism.
  • The duration of nipping applied pressure is determined by the pneumatic timer
  • Auto cycle on time, nipping on time and the delivery duration time is adjustable and controlled by pneumatic timers.

Technical Specifications


Mechanical                                                               650 Cycle Per Hour


No. of Clamp                                                            1 Clamp


Book Length                                                             Up to 450 mm

 Book Thickness                                                        3 mm �?75 mm